ToneSpeak Manchester 1290 - 16 Ohm 12" Guitar Speaker 90 Watt

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Cleaner, higher power British tone.

Even and balanced from top to bottom.  No sacrifice in tone for using higher power and/or higher gain with this speaker, it is crammed full of balance, definition, and most importantly, control. This speaker plays well with pedals and is slow to break up.

  • 12” speaker
  • 90 watts
  • 16 ohm
  • 50 oz. magnet
  • 1.75” voice coil diameter
  • Fiberglass voice coil former

ToneSpeak guitar speakers are the result of years and years of the deep-dive for the perfect tone.  Decades of testing, field experience and conversations with elite tone-chasers have all been poured into these fine products.  When you play ToneSpeak, you play the best.

More Information
Brand Name ToneSpeak
Size, Nominal (inch & mm) 12" (305 mm)
Shape of Speaker Round
Speaker Type Guitar Speaker
Application Musical Instruments
Environment Indoor
RoHS Compliant Yes
Nominal Impedance (Z) (Ω) 16
Rated Power IEC268-5 (W) 90 Watts
Frequency Range (Hz) 80 - 5,000
Sensitivity (dB SPL) ¹ 100
Resonant Frequency (Fs) (Hz) 86
DC Resistance (Re) (Ω) 13.8
Voice Coil Inductance (Le) (mH) 0.58
Mechanical Q Factor (Qms) 12.80
Electrical Q Factor (Qes) 0.85
Total Q Factor (Qts) 0.79
Mechanical Resistance (Rms) (kg/s) 1.45
Compliance Equivalent Volume (Vas) (L) 36.5
Suspension Compliance (Cms) (mm/N) 0.09
Surface Area of Diaphragm (Sd) (cm²) 551.6
Moving Mass (Mms) (gm) 28.91
Motor Force Factor (BL) (T•M) 17.37
Efficiency (η₀) (%) 4.35
Efficiency Bandwidth Product (EBP) (Fs/Qes) 120.0
Basket Type Stamped steel with black powder coat painting
Terminal Size (mm) 5.2 x 0.5
Voice Coil Diameter (mm) 44
Voice Coil Wire Material High temperature copper
Voice Coil Former Material Fiberglass
Voice Coil Winding Style Single Layer
Magnet Material Ferrite
Magnet Weight (gm) 1417
Cone Body Material Engineered paper
Cone Surround Material Felted paper with treat
Dust Cap Material Open cloth
Spider Material Cotton
Net Weight (kg) 5.9

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