Quam SSB-1900

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The SSB-1900 is a rust resistant steel, adjustable, load bearing support with a steel, 18.0 CID, 1900 electrical junction box.

Intended Use - Indoor Environment

  • Installation – Parallel to floor plane in a suspended ceiling structure; maximum span of 24” in one dimension.

Junction Box Access

  • All 4 Vertical Sides – 2x 1/2” k/o conduit, 1x 1/2”/ 3/4” eccentric k/o conduit
  • Top Horizontal Surface – 2 x 1/2” k/o conduit, 2x 1/2”/ 3/4” eccentric k/o conduit

Mechanical Attachment

  • Bottom Horizontal – 2x 8-32 formed threads to attach 2-gang Surface adapter plate if required
  • Tie-Offs – 4x Total, 1 each at end of bridge rail 2x Terminal plate

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