Quam QC10RM - Attenuator

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The QC10RM is a UL Listed, rack mount, 20W, ten-step, continuous rotary, audio level attenuator with an OFF position. 2" x 2" dial scale label for a 2RU rack panel is included. Legend is white on black.

Intended Use - Indoor Environment Primary Use – Attenuates audio power to any number of loudspeakers, up to 20W load. For use with 25V or 70V distributed audio systems. UL Listed 813 Commercial Audio Equipment – When installed in accordance with supplied instructions and connected to supply circuits in accordance with ANSI/NFPA70, NEC, and AHJ. Installation – 2RU rack panel or greater, 1/8” maximum thickness

Audio Specifications

Power Rating – 20W Continuous Attenuation (Ref: 25V, 70.7V line) – Position 10: Full Signal Position 9-3:-3 dB each Positions 2-1:-6 dB each Position 0: No Signal Insertion Loss – <0.5 dB Audio Connection – 10” long, pre-cut, color coded leads

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