Quam QC10P - Attenuator

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GENERAL DESCRIPTION The QC10P is a single-gang, 20W, ten-step, continuous rotary, audio level attenuator with a 24VDC, 0.15A priority relay actuation and an OFF position. Stainless steel faceplate with embossed positions and a black knob with white indicator mark. Intended Use - Indoor Environment Primary Use – Attenuates audio power to any number of loudspeakers, up to 20W load. For use with 25V or 70V distributed audio systems. When internal 24VDC relay is activated, attenuator function is bypassed Installation – Single-gang electrical box, 2-1/8”D Audio Specifications Power Rating – 20W Continuous Attenuation (Ref: 25V, 70.7V line) – Position 10: Full Signal Position 9-3:-3 dB each Positions 2-1:-6 dB each Position 0: No Signal Relay Actuation – 24 VDC, 0.015A Insertion Loss – <0.5 dB Audio Connection – 10” long, pre-cut, color coded leads Recommended Quam Components Enclosures – Surface Mount: SE4W