Quam C5/BU/CK1/S - White Speaker Assembly

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The C5/BU/CK1/S is a complete loudspeaker assembly that is compatible with Sapling analog clocks. The assembly consists of an 8C5PAX - 8" O.D. dual cone loudspeaker with a 5 oz. magnet and a TBLU - 5W-25/70V transformer. Clock assembly is NOT supplied.

Program Material Signal tones, voice, and music
Installation Loudspeaker my be oriented above, below, left or right of the clock
Average Sensitivity 92 dB SPL, 1W/ 1M
Loudspeaker Power Rating 12W RMS, EIA 426A Standard
Calculated Output 99 dB SPL, 5W/ 1M
Magnet Type & Weight BeFe Ceramic, 10 oz. Nominal
Frequency Response 65 Hz - 17 kHz EIA 426A Standard
Nominal Coverage Angle 90° Included Angle, -6 dB / 2 kHz, Half space
Audio Connection 7” Color Coded Leads
System Components
Loudspeaker 8C10PAX
Transformer 25/70V 5W-5 tap Color Coded Leads (5W, 2.5W, 1.25W, 0.63W, 0.31W)
Compatible Components
Surface Mount Enclosure SE9W
Flush Mount Enclosure ES8-CK

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