Quam C10X/B70/WS - White Speaker Assembly

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The C10X/B70/WS is a complete loudspeaker assembly consisting of a 8C10PAX - 8" O.D. dual cone loudspeaker with a 10 oz. magnet, a TBL70 - 4W-70V transformer mounted on a BR8WS - round, steel, stud mount baffle.

Program Material Signal tones, voice, and music
Average Sensitivity 20W RMS, EIA 426A Standard
Calculated Output 101 dB SPL, 4W/ 1M
Magnet Type & Weight BeFe Ceramic, 5 oz. Nominal
Frequency Response 65 Hz - 17 kHz EIA 426A Standard
Nominal Coverage Angle 100° Included Angle, -6 dB / 2 kHz, Half space
Audio Connection 7” Color Coded Leads
Wattage Taps 0.25W, 0.50W, 1W, 2W, 4W
System Components
Transformer - Integral to Unit 4W-25/70V : 5 Tap, Color Coded Leads (0.25W, 0.50W, 1W, 2W, 4W)
Enclosure ERD-8, ERD8U
Mounting Device SSB-2, SSB-3, SSB-7

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