MG PS-65B - 6.5" Black Pendant Speaker


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Our PS-65 Series is designed to be hung on an open ceiling truss. It's simple, solid color enclosure allows it to be installed in restaurants and nightclubs, retail, religious, conference, university and office buildings. The waterproof 
construction also allows it to be installed in outdoor recreation areas, court yards and swimming pools. For ease of installation, a 6-foot-long wire rope with safety hook is included in the package. 

A 4-position fast connect screw terminal block is used at the input, using the included 4-core sheathing cable with wire rope for hanging with a water-proof apron on top to conceal mounting points. Easily adjust the built-in 70V/100V transformer power switch with a flathead screw driver. After the installation is complete, slide down the top tapered cover to hide the wiring and hanging pieces for a clean and finished look.

Key Features: 
• High performance suspended speaker for open ceiling applications 
• Weather resistant for use under eaves and in semi-enclosed spaces 
• 6.5” Polypropylene woofer with damped cloth surround for tight, controlled bass and clear mid-range 
• Optimized dual front port for enhanced low frequency response 
• Wide dispersion, horn-loaded titanium dome tweeter for crisp, clear highs & enhanced pattern control 
• Built-in 40 Watt 70/100V Transformer 
• 125 Watts program power handling at 8Ω 
• 70Hz-20kHz Frequency response 
• 100° Nominal coverage pattern 
• Rigid glass fibre reinforced ABS construction 
• Magnetically attached steel frameless grille 
• Paint-able to blend with surroundings 
• Includes 6 foot long wire rope with safety hook 

Bass: 6.5-inch Kevlar® fiber braided tubs with high-performance butyl rubber edges 

Treble: 1-inch natural silk film with magnetic cooling neodymium magnet

Crossover frequency: 2.5 kHz

Impedance: 8Ω  

Transformer power terminal: 3.75W / 7.5W / 15W / 30W / 60W at 70V 

7.5W / 15W / 30W / 60W at 100V 

Frequency response: 50Hz to20kHz (±3dB) 40Hz to 20kHz (-10dB) 

Power: 50W RMS (8 Ohms) 

Sensitivity: 88.5dB@ 1W / 1m 

Coverage angle: Taper 100° 

Terminals: 4-position pluggable screw terminal block; Can be parallel input and output connections; The maximum can be accessed by 12AWG line 

Adjust: A flat-blade screw driver adjusts the power adjustment switch 

Can be adjusted at 70V/100V or 8 ohms 

Environment: Temperature range: -19° to 49°C 

Humidity: 5% to 95% RH (non-freezing conditions) 

High: 242mm (9.52”) 

Diameter: Ø252mm (9.92”) 

Weight: 4.5kg (10LBS)  

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