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Used as a replacement for Fender Amps, Sunn Amps and other guitar amps and cabinets for a classic aged look.

This is a genuine Mellotone grill cloth that comes in 36" wide sections and is sold by the running yard

Sold by the running yard. If you order 1 yard you will receive one piece 36" long (91.4 cm) by 36" (91.4 cm) wide. If you order 2 or more pieces we will do our very best to send it as one continuous piece.

1 yard = 36" x 36"
2 yards = 72" x 36"
3 yards = 108" x 36"

Please note: due to differences in lighting and screen colours the actual product may appear differently here than in person. Please contact us if you have any additional questions.

Material: Polypropylene Weave

Due to the nature of computer monitors and cell phone screens, colours and shades of the cloth may vary from what is displayed. If you are unsure regarding the cloth you are looking for please contact us before placing your order.

Please note that because grill cloth/tolex needs to be cut, we cannot accept any returns on these items.

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