McBride SMC80E

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The McBride SMC80E is a surface mount back-box and grill combination designed for mounting 8” public address and/or background music speakers and transformers.

Model Number: SMC80E
Back-Box Type: Round surface mount with included grill.
Back-Box Mtg: Two 1/4” holes on rear. 4-5/8” center
Baffle Mounting: “Cookie Tin” fashion. 4 colour keyed screws (included)
Speaker Mounting: 4 hidden studs on baffle. Accepts standard 8" speakers (not included)
Dimensions: 10” diameter x 4” deep
Dampening: 1” thick acoustic fibreglass pad
Weight: 3 pounds
Finish: Satin white baked powder-coat epoxy
Packaging: Single

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