Goldwood GT-1001 - 8 ohm 3.25" 50W Piezo Horn Home Stereo Tweeter

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3 1/4" recessed flange piezo horn tweeter.

Replacement for CTS / Motorola KSN1001A

Nominal Dimension: 3.5x3.5", 90x90mm
Nominal Impedance: High at low frequency
Nominal Power: 50 W rms, 75 W max
Freq. Response: 3.5 kHz-27 kHz
Sensitivity: 94 db 1w/1m
Voice Coil: Ceramic Bimorph

Overall Dimension: 3.35x3.35", 85x85mm
Baffle Hole Dia: 3.11", 79mm
Number of Mounting Holes: 4
Mounting Hole BCD: 3.93", 100mm
Recess Depth: 0.51", 13mm
Total Depth: 2.91", 74mm

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