FOURJAY TB8 Plastic Tile Bridge *Special Order*


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TB8 Series - Tee Bar Bridge

Product Description

The ORIGINAL device for supporting speaker assemblies in Tee-Bar acoustical ceilings.

Model TB8 is made of high impact polystyrene.

Bridging device places weight on T-bar grid and supports acoustical tile material when
fully assembled.

Bridge will support more than 4 times total assembled product weight in accordance
with EIA safety guidelines.

Fast, secure installation of all Fourjay standard 8 speaker baffles with mounting holes
on 9-1/8 circle, and larger baffles with mounting holes on 11-1/4 circle.

Accepts Fourjay PH8 Series protective housing which can be assembled on top of bridge,
or through center of bridge from below.

Fourjay square baffle, Model SS8W/SS8WX, will always be aligned with T-bar grid.

Cut job time and reduce tile damage by placing bridge on T-bar before tile is installed,
allowing ceiling experts to cut the holes.

Mr. Scriber mounting hole marker supplied with each shipment.

Product Technical Specifications

Material: High impact grade polystyrene

Colour: Ceiling white (paintable)

Speaker Size: 10-5/16 W x 23-3/4 L

Fasteners: Assembled (4) self-retaining spring-clip type “U-nuts” #8-15 (for standard sheet metal screws), on 9-1/8 dia. circle. If #8-32 machine screws are used order KJN832 “J-nut” kit.

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