FOURJAY ES8W Plastic Baffle - White, Round, Stud Mounted Ceiling Speaker Baffle


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 Easy-On studs for mounting 8 speaker in seconds. Just place the speaker on the mounting studs, then push on the supplied push-on nuts. No tools required.

Only four screw heads on face of baffle.

Matching whitehead screws and hex-nuts furnished; phillips head screws for electric drivers.

Material: UV stabilized, high impact polystyrene
Colour: Ceiling white (paintable)
Speaker: Size 8 (7-5/8 diameter mounting centers)
Baffle Mounting Fasteners: Four #8 x 1-1/2 phillips truss-whitehead sheet metal screws
Speaker Mounting Fasteners: Four #8-32 x 1 phillips truss- Four push-on spring nuts whitehead machine screws and four #8-32 hex-nuts


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