Eminence ASD 1001S - 8 ohm 50W Screw On Pro Audio Compression Driver

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The ASD1001S makes an ideal replacement or upgrade for many pro sound enclosures.

Manufacturer Spec Sheet

Speaker Detail
Throat Size 1", 25.4mm
Nominal Impedance*
Minimum Impedance 7.7 ohm @ 3.0 kHz
Power Rating** 50 W (EIA-426A)
Resonance 0.59kHz
Usable Frequency Range 2500Hz-20kHz
Recommended Crossover 2.5 kHz / 18 dBkHz
Sensitivity*** 104.4
Magnet Material Ferrite
Magnet Weight 12oz, 0.34kg
Voice Coil Diameter 1.3" / 33mm
Voice Coil Former Aluminum
Diaphragm Material Titanium
DC Resistance (Re) 6.7Ω
Mounting Information
Overall Diameter 3.5", 88.9mm
Driver Volume Displaced 0.009 cu.ft., 0.26 liters
Depth 2.45", 62.2mm
Weight 1.7 lbs, 0.8 kg
Mounting Thread 1 3/8 in. 18 ext.
Mounting Holes Diameter N/A
Mounting Holes B.C.D. N/A

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