Dayton Audio XO2W-2K 2 Way Crossover 2,000Hz


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Dayton Audio XO2W-2K 2-Way Speaker Crossover 2,000 Hz

The Dayton Audio line of 2-way crossovers were designed using a second order (12 dB/octave) Linkwitz-Riley alignment. Dayton Audio metallized polyester film capacitors are used in both the high and low pass sections. 18 gauge inductors were used to keep DC resistance to a minimum. A unique design feature of the low-pass section allows use of 4 or 8 ohm woofers, perfect for building D'Appolito style or multi woofer 2-way systems. The high pass crossover frequency is rated for an 8 ohm load. All components are glued or fastened down to eliminate buzzing and vibrations. The high quality blue PC board uses a back plate for added rigidity and eyelet holes for easy mounting. Available in a variety of crossover points. 300W power handling. Board measures: 6-1/2 W x 4-1/4 H x 1-3/8 D.

Product Details

Brand Dayton Audio
Model XO2W-2K
UPC 844632045134
Weight 1.25

Product Specifications

Configuration Assembled Board Only
Crossover Type 2-Way


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