Celestion V-TYPE 8 ohm 70W Guitar Speaker T5901

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Combining decades of experience with advanced measurement and analysis, the V-Type has been built using a carefully balanced "recipe" of old and new design techniques. It produces a heady, exciting modern vintage sound that just makes you want to keep on playing: a speaker that delivers authentic Celestion tone whatever your style. The V-Type is a sweet sounding speaker with a superbly balanced tonal signature that imparts a vintage musicality to your tone. Clean sounds are true across the lows, mids and highs, with enough upper-mid chime and HF sparkle to add clarity and definition. Crank it up for a sizzling overdrive and raw rock tones, with plenty of mid-band warmth to give body and substance to lead note playing.

Used in the Fender Bassbreaker™ BB 112 & BB 212 Enclosure, Bassbreaker™ 15 & 45 Combo, Bassbreaker™ 18/30 Combo Enclosure, Hot Rod Deville™ ML 212, ’68 Custom Deluxe Reverb, and ’68 Custom Twin Reverb.

General Specifications

Nominal diameter
12", 305mm
Power rating
Nominal impedance
Chassis type
Pressed steel
Voice coil diameter
1.75", 44.5mm
Voice coil material
Round copper
Magnet type
Magnet weight
31oz, 0.88Kg
Frequency range
70-5000 Hz
Resonance frequency, Fs
DC resistance, Re

Mounting Information

Cut-out diameter
11.1", 283mm
12.2", 309mm
Magnet structure diameter
5.3”, 134mm
Mounting slot dimensions
0.31", 7.9mm Ø
Mounting slot PCD
11.7", 297mm
Number of mounting slots
Overall depth
4.84”, 123mm
Unit weight
7.2lb, 3.3kg

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