Celestion TF0615 8 ohm 6" 100W Pro Audio Midrange T5889

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Features Include

  • 6" mid-range driver providing 95dB sensitivity and 100Wrms (AES standard) power handling
  • 1.5" high temperature copper voice coil wound on polyimide former for increased reliability
  • Rigid chassis design for maximum energy transfer
  • Vented magnet assembly for enhanced cooling
  • Achieves optimal performance in compact enclosures
  • Ideal for 2-way systems

General Specifications

Nominal diameter: 152mm/6in
Power rating: 100Wrms
Continuous power rating: 200W
EIA power rating: 150W
Nominal impedance: 8Ω
Sensitivity: 94dB
Frequency range: 85-6,000Hz
Voice coil diameter: 38mm/1.5in
Chassis type: Pressed steel
Magnet type: Ferrite
Magnet weight: 0.48kg/17oz
Coil material: Round copper
Former material: Polyimide
Cone material: Kevlar loaded paper
Surround material: Cloth sealed
Suspension: Single
Xmax: 2.5mm/0.1in
Gap depth: 6mm/0.24in
Voice coil winding width: 6.5mm/0.26in

Small Signal Parameters

D: 0.14m/5.51in
Fs: 104.7Hz
Mms: 12.09g/0.43oz
Qms: 3.949
Qes: 0.719
Mmd: 10.316g/0.364oz
Qts: 0.608
Re: 7.08Ω
Vas: 6.411lt/0.23ft3
BI: 8.85Tm
Cms: 0.19mm/N
Rms: 2.01kg/s
Le (at 1kHz): 0.47mH

Mounting Information

Overall diameter: 178mm/7.01in
Overall depth: 74mm/2.91in
Cut-out diameter: 147mm/5.79in
Mounting slot dimensions: Ø 4.3mm/0.17in
Number of mounting slots: 4
Mounting PCD range: 168.5mm/6.63in
Unit weight: 1.4kg/3.1lb

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