Celestion H1SC-8050 1" Throat Diameter Screw-on Horn Flare T5952

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  • Lightweight horn flare with 1" throat exit
  • Compatible for use with screw on compression drivers
  • Exponential horn flare with 80° x 50° radiation pattern
  • 1.5kHz cut-off frequency
  • Hard-wearing reinforced ABS

General Specifications

Horn type: Exponential
Radiation pattern: 80 ° x 50 °
Horn material: ABS
Baffle cut-out: 155mm/6.1in
Driver mounting detail: Screw (35mm, 1.38in diameter)
Throat exit: 25.4mm/1in
Height: 178mm/7in
Width: 178mm/7in
Depth: 88mm/3.46mm
Weight: 0.2kg/0.44lb

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