Celestion FTX1225 8 ohm 12" 300W/60W Pro Audio Coaxial Speaker T5911 *Special Order*

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Ferrite magnet assembly acts as common motor for both LF and HF
Polyimide HF diaphragm
Demodulation ring
90° nominal HF coverage
HF repair kit available

General Specifications

Size: 305mm/12in
Power rating: 300Wrms
Continuous power rating: 600W
Nominal impedance: 8Ω
Sensitivity: 97dB
Frequency range: 50-4,000Hz
Voice coil diameter: 64mm/2.5in
Chassis type: Cast Aluminium
Magnet type: Ferrite
Magnet weight: 2.3kg/81oz
Coil material: Edgewound copper clad aluminium
Former material: Glass fibre
Cone material: Kevlar loaded paper
Surround material: Cloth-sealed
Suspension; Single
Xmax: 4mm/0.16in
Gap depth: 8mm/0.31in
Voice coil winding width: 16mm/0.6.3in

Small Signal Parameters

D: 0.26m/10.24in
Fs: 42.1Hz
Mms: 47.53g/1.68oz
Qms: 3.345
Qes: 0.459
Mmd: 42.52g/1.5oz
Qts: 0.403
Re: 5.74Ω
Vas: 12.081lt/0.43ft3
BI: 12.54Tm
Cms: 0.3mm/N
Rms: 3.76kg/s
Le (at 1kHz): 0.5mH

General Specifications: HF

Power rating: 60Wrms
Continuous power rating: 120W
Nominal impedance: 8Ω
Sensitivity: 104dB
Frequency range: 1000-18,000Hz
Recommended min. crossover (12dB/oct): 2,000Hz
Magnet type: Dual ferrite magnet motor
Voice coil diameter: 45mm/1.75in
Diaphragm and surround material: Polyimide

Mounting Information

Diameter: 318mm/12.5in
Overall depth: 168mm/6.61in
Cut-out diameter: 286mm/11.26in
Mounting slot dimensions: 7.5x6.5mm/0.29x0.26in
Number of mounting slots: 8
Mounting PCD range: 298-304mm/11.70-11.97in
Unit weight: 5.9kg/13.0lb

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