Celestion Blue 15 ohm 12" 15W Classic Guitar Speaker T4436

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The classic guitar speaker actually started life as a radio speaker that was modified specifically for use in electric guitars amplifiers. In its original incarnation as the G12 T530 it appeared in several colour variations, but it was the Blue version, fitted as standard into Vox AC30 amps, that secured its place in guitar tone history.

The Blue found favour with notable guitarists like Brian May, due to its glorious dampened attack, warm lows, mellow upper-mids and brilliant bell-like top-end. When coupled with a suitable amplifier it evokes rich definition and develops beautiful musical compression when pushed. According to tone enthusiasts worldwide, the Blue is the benchmark for guitar speaker perfection.

Similar Band Sound Style: Brian May/Queen

Used in the Fender Limited Edition '65 Deluxe Reverb, Limited Edition '65 Princeton, and The Edge Deluxe™.


General Specifications

Nominal diameter
12", 305mm
Power rating
Nominal impedance
Chassis type
Pressed steel
Voice coil diameter
1.75", 44.5mm
Voice coil material
Round copper
Magnet type
Frequency range
Resonance frequency, Fs
DC resistance, Re

Mounting Information

Cut-out diameter
11.1", 283mm
12.2", 309mm
Magnet structure diameter
5.0", 128mm
Mounting slot dimensions
0.31", 7.9mm Ø
Mounting slot PCD
11.7", 297mm
Number of mounting slots
Overall depth
6.5", 165mm
Unit weight
9.3lb, 4.2kg

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