Beyma - 8MI100 - 8" Pro Driver - 8 ohm

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This low-mid frequency transducer offers three main points of interest: a good sensitivity (98 dB), a controlled dispersion up to 3 kHz and a low harmonic distortion. These characteristics make it suitable for high quality sound reinforcement systems, especially for live applications. Furthermore, it is mounted with a cast aluminium basket that reduces mechanical vibrations and increases thermal dissipation. This fact, added to the use of a high quality 2" voice-coil, increases considerably the power handling reaching 250 w AES.

●High power handling (250 w AES)
●Low harmonic distortion
●Controlled dispersion up to 3 kHz
●2" edgewound aluminium voice coil with polyimide fiber glass former
●Designed for high quality mid-frequency reproduction

Nominal diameter 200 mm 8 in
Nominal impedance 8 Ohm
Minimum impedance 7.6 ohm
Power capacity 250 W AES
Program power 500 W
Sensitivity 96 dB 1 W @ 1 m @ 2Π
Frequency range 100-7000 Hz
Voice coil diameter 50.8 mm 2 in
BL factor 11.5 N /A
Moving mass 0.019 kg
Winding length 9 mm
Air gap height 7 mm

Thiele Small Parameters

Fs 90 Hz
Re 6 ohm
Qms 7.5
Qes 0.48
Qts 0.45
Vas 12 l
Cms 175 µm / N
Rms 1.4 kg / s
Sd 0.022 m²
Xmax 3 mm
Vd 66 cm³
Le @1 kHz 0.2 mH


Net weight 3.1 kg 6.83 lb
Total weight 3.25 kg 7.15 lb
Magnet Ferrite

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