Beyma - 12MI100 - 12" Pro Driver - 8 ohm

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This low-mid frequency transducer offers three main points of interest: an extremely linear frequency response and a low harmonic distortion. These characteristics make it suitable for high quality sound reinforcement systems, especially for live applications. Moreover, its versatile design allows it to be used as the low-mid loudspeaker in a two ways system or as an strictly mid-frequency transducer in a three ways system. Beyond its frequency response advantages, this loudspeaker offers more: it takes profit of the improvements achieved in our low frequency-high power transducers. Thus, it incorporates a high quality voice coil and a large magnetic assembly to provide efficient heat dissipation. Thanks to this design concept of strongness, the 12 MI100 reaches a considerable power handling (450 WAES).

● Extremely linear frequency response
● Low harmonic distortion
● 3" edgewound aluminium voice coil with polyimide fiber glass former
● Large magnetic assembly to provide efficient heat dissipation
● Designed for high quality mid-frequency reproduction



Nominal diameter 300 mm 12 in
Nominal impedance 8 Ohm
Minimum impedance 8 ohm
Power capacity 450 W AES
Program power 900 W
Sensitivity 100 dB 1 W @ 1 m @ 2Π
Frequency range 40-4000 Hz
Voice coil diameter 77 mm 3 in
BL factor 21.6 N / A
Moving mass 0.047 kg
Winding length 13.5 mm
Air gap height 10 mm
Xdamage pp 24 mm

Thiele Small Parameters

Fs 58 Hz
Re 6.3 ohm
Qms 5.5
Qes 0.23
Qts 0.22
Vas 64 l
Cms 163 µm / N
Rms 3.3 kg / s
Sd 0.053 m²
Xmax 3 mm
Vd 159 cm³
Le @1 kHz 1.0 mH


Net weight 7.2 kg 15.8 lb
Magnet Ferrite

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