B&C ME464 - 1.4" Throat Bolt On Aluminum Horn Flare *Special Order*

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Built to extract the full capabilities of our wide-bandwidth ring radiator drivers, B&C's new ME464 is the largest commercially available horn for professional audio. The 22” (575mm) wide mouth loads an attached driver to 300Hz, and the 1.4” throat stabilizes a 80° x 60° polar pattern to the upper limit of human hearing. Made of durable and non-resonant polyurethane, the ME464 can stand up to road use as well as shine in high output arrays in fixed installation. Reduced inter-box interaction and off axis energy from the tight pattern brings immediate benefits to sound quality and clarity, and the ME464 is the only horn which can support the full frequency response of our DCX464 coaxial driver. The ME464 can be easily applied to the DCX464 using the FB468 crossover, which is available in 8 or 16 Ohm configurations.


Throat diameter 36 mm (1.4 in)
Nominal coverage horizontal 80 °
Nominal coverage vertical 60 °
Cutoff frequency 0.3 kHz
Material Polyurethane
Design Constant Directivity
Dimensions 575x505x460 mm (22.64x19.88x18.11 in)

Mounting Info

Baffle cutout dimension 538x470 mm (21.18x18.50 in)
Air Volume Occupied by Driver
35.5 dm³ (1.25 ft³)
Net weight 4.8 kg (10.58 lb)
Mounting Holes B.C.D. 4x 6.5 mm (0.255 in) holes 90° on 102 mm (4 in) diameter

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