Acry-Tech Safe Tread 1 US Gallon - Clear - Fine

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Safe Tread Clear is a textured, water based, UV resistant, anti-slip coating that will not water whiten. Safe Tread clear is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications as its formulation repels water, and is scuff and impact resistant for long service life. Safe tread is a more aggressive coating for areas where maximum traction is require such as commercial higher traffic areas.

Safe Tread Clear can be applied at temperatures between 50 and 110 degrees F. This provides a non skid surface while allowing the underlying beauty of your substrate to show through.

Cover is 125-150 square feet per gallon. This product is non toxic and relatively odourless.

The Fine Grit version is ideal for applications where pedestrians may not have their shoes on. It is less abrasive to bare feet than the Coarse Grit version. For a product better suited for areas that pedestrians will be wearing shoes - use our Safe Tread Clear - Coarse Grit version.