Acry-Tech Duratex Roller Grade Quart Kit - Ultra Deep Tint Base

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The DuratexRG Quart Size Trial Pack is a 32 oz. (946 ml) can of regular DuratexRG and comes with a small 3" textured roller. If you've wanted to give DuratexRG a try or maybe just need enough for a small repair, restoration or project, you can now do so without the need to buy a full gallon. This kit contains enough DuratexRG for approximately 20-22 square feet of coverage, enough for four coats on a pair of 18" x 12" x 12" speaker cabinets. This trial pack is tintable.

DuratexRG is a high performance protective textured coating with tremendous adhesion to wood and other substrates. DuraTexRG is specially formulated for application by roller but works equally well in spray applications. All DuraTex coatings create a tough but attractive, weather resistant, textured satin finish. DuraTex is easily maintained and requires no special primers.

User friendly water based formula. Low odour, non-flammable, special LOW V.O.C coalescents.

The Quart is the perfect size for the project that needs more than a Pint Size Trail Kit but not an entire gallon. This quart is tintable.

This Ultra Deep Tint Base Quart of DuraTexRG is the tint base that the darker (Deep & Ultra Deep) colors are made from. This Quart can be taken to a local paint store to have custom tinted to whatever darker color that you are interested in. If you are looking to tint a lighter (Pastel & Medium) color, the White DuraTexRG can be tinted to achieve the lighter colors. Please make sure that you have a place already lined up to do the custom tinting for you before you purchase the Ultra Deep Tint Base of DuraTexRG.

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