Acry-Tech Duratex Roller Grade 1 US Gallon - Ultra Deep Tint Base

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Speaker Cabinet Coating - DuraTex® Roller Grade: Ultra Deep Tint Base

DuraTex® is America's #1 Speaker Cabinet Coating designed to provide beauty and protection to wood speaker cabinets and road cases. It's a superior performance Texture Coating that's easy to apply, beautiful and tough.

DuraTex®  has tremendous adhesion to wood and other substrates. It rolls on easily with our special texture roller to create a tough, beautiful, weather resistant and easily maintained texture surface.

DuraTex® is a blend of highly technical polymers, and special LOW V.O.C coalescents for creating beautiful high relief, durable textures. DuraTex® requires no special primers because it's self priming.

This Ultra Deep Tint Base is what the darker (Deep & Ultra Deep) colors are made from. This product requires that tint be added to it. Please make sure that you already have a place lined up that is willing to tint the product for you before purchasing this product. Our customers have found that the smaller local paint stores have been very helpful & willing to tint DuraTex® for them. If you are looking for a lighter (Pastel or Medium) color, the White DuraTex® can be tinted to the lighter colors. Some of our customers even get the product tinted up a Quart at a time so they are actually able to get up to 4 different colors made from one gallon of Ultra Deep Tint Base DuraTex® . What a GREAT idea! Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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